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Mary Kane

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Greetings from Mary Kane.

Like many of you, I am a parent, a grandma, a busy business owner, and a volunteer. So, I hope you realize that no one is too busy to start taking steps towards wellness and financial improvement.

I remember my first experiences with Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements back in 2000, and let me tell you, those experiences changed the course of my life...yes, they were game-changers! My health has been supported, my mind has cleared and my finances have benefited tremendously.

As you grow to know me more, you'll find that I am a steward of wellness and financial freedom, and a professional network marketer. Being part of the network marketing industry has provided me with growth opportunities that I would not have found as an employee. It has also aligned me with a company with superior products, while surrounding me with badass entrepreneurs who desire to create their own life.

My vision is to create a debt-free, pharmaceutical-free & toxin-free life for myself and for the awesome and courageous folks who show up to be on my team. My vision also includes serving and guiding those who are truly ready for solutions for their life long wellness and prosperity vision.

My team of Young Living distributors and customers work together to improve our health, while increasing our financial lives. We have fun, learn, grow and share our passion. My active team members are fully engaged in self-development and enhancing the health and finances of their families. They are ROCKING it out!

Join Mary Kane and you too can begin improving your health while being a part of a fun and winning team.